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Tomorrow I’m going to Switzerland, be back the 10th July.

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5,300 / 50,000


I’ve re-written all thirteen chapters of “Memories”. It took me two or three days, but it’s done. I just have to finish re-writing chapter fourteen and then, done. Not writing the whole story. I’ll only be done changing it to the first person point of view.


I’ve also made a trailer for it. I’m not really good at videos, you need lots of patience and I don’t have enough.
I’ve a million ideas for “Memories” and all I need to do is to put it down on paper, or computer screen as the case may be.
I’ll paste something that really stuck with me:

Sinclair Lewis was invited to talk to some students about the writer’s craft. He stood at the head of the class and asked, “How many of you here are really serious about being writers?”
A sea of hands shot up.
Lewis then asked, “Well, why aren’t you all home writing?” And with that he walked out of the room.

source: http://www.peacecorpswriters.org/pages/depts/resources/resour_writers/100daysbook/bk100da.html

And this one is really good, too:

You will find, as many writers do, that someday you will stand in front of a window and just stare. Others may ask, “What are you doing?” And you will reply with just one word.


source: http://www.crayne.com/articles/WritingYourFirstNovel.htm

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