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Saturday 1st of August we arrived, after 5 or 6 or 7, who knows, hours of driving, to the holiday house we’re renting for THREE WHOLE WEEKS. This house is the BEST ever. It’s HUGE and old-looking, think Jane Austen-ish. (Don’t you love those kinds of movies and therefore, houses. Like Mansfield Park, or Jane Eyre. And no, I actually haven’t read the books. Yet.) Although the inside is quite modern. It’s simply gorgeous. Huge, wooden stairs, wooden beams, very very very very very very big garden…

It has: 4 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, BIG kitchen, two lounges, two TVs, internet connection, and, oh yeah: A POOL!

An enormous, gorgeous blue POOL!

The bed of the bedroom I’m sleeping in is SO comfortable. I’m tempted to take it back home with me.

In the garage, where the washing machine is, there’s an unfinished work of art, belonging to the daughter/niece/some other connection of the owner of this place. It’s made of chicken wire and plaster. We’ve named it Alfred. Anyway, it’s kind of creepy, and my mom likes having one of us kids accompany her.

(My sister saying "Hi" from the doorway to the garage when she was supposed to be by the pool didn’t help. My mom thought it was a ghost.)

Let’s see, what else has happened? Hmm… Not much, considering it’s Monday and we still haven’t left the house, unless you count the garden as "leaving the house", which by our standards does count.

On the writing front, I’ve given myself the goal of finishing my novel by the end of August. That means about 1300 words a day, until and including the 31st of August. Today’s goal was actually 1278 words (don’t ask how I got that number, because even I don’t know) and I’ve only written 581, which is better than most days, but not even half of my goal…

This chapter 5 is giving me hell. I think it’s because I already had the beginning written, which has been replaced by something else, but it still happens, only later on. Because of that, I now I have to rewrite it, because of my "dark realization", my epiphany. And it’s slowing me down. I just KNOW chapter 6 will go much better. It’s plotted, but barely written. Only a few sentences, that honestly don’t really matter. Meaning they can be ignored or not.

Just thought of something related to the pool: the day we got here, it rained. We’ve been suffering through the terrible, suffocating heat of Aix, waiting for a pool to use, and then what happens? Typical [family name] luck. It rains. Apparently tommorow’s going to be one of those too-hot days, which we WANT now that we have a pool.

Anyway, I should try and write some more.



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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
7,965 / 30,000

Tomorrow I’m going to Switzerland, be back the 10th July.

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