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Many times before, my sister and I have fought each other on the trampoline. It has netting all around, so it’s fairly safe, and we don’t hit in the face, so the injuries are just bruises and scrapes on our knees from the trampoline.

But today, mere moments ago, in fact, we had a curious incident. It’s okay if you laugh.

My sister flipped me and I fell onto the netting; my sister fell on me. And then we fell off the trampoline. Luckily the netting cushioned our fall, but let me tell you, that is still damn scary. We were stuck on the ground with the netting all around us and prickly plants threatening to scratch us. Which they did because now my foot is all itchy.

I considered calling for help, but everyone was inside.

Eventually I grabbed hold of the edge of the trampoline and I pulled myself back on. Then I pulled my sister back on. My sister said if I was going to tell our dad, she wanted me to wait for her to be hidden in her room. I said he wouldn’t be angry; the trampoline’s net has been falling apart for the past year. Besides, there’s no hole in it.

So we went back inside and I waited for her to be upstairs before telling our dad.

Who didn’t react.

Then I went to the lounge to tell my mom. My sister quickly joined us in the lounge. And at first my mom seemed angry… But then I demonstrated how we were stuck: on the ground with our legs in the air.

And she burst into laughter.

Uncontrollable laughter.

So my sister and I started laughing. Gaining control, I mentioned the time my sister almost went flying over the net of the trampoline.

And my sister, having just drank some water, did a spit-take, spraying water all over the floor.

True story.

Additional things:

  • I have dirt on my left wrist
  • And on my tank top
  • I had bits of leaves or plant or something in my hair
  • My foot is REALLY itchy
  • *wants to scratch foot*

What the trampoline looks like now:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to take care of my sore, red, itchy foot and then I desperately need a shower.


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My right foot has: a piece of nail missing from the big toe, a toenail growing into my skin on the littlest toe and skin ripped off from 4 different places. One happened while swimming, I think… The other 3 when I tripped over a plank of wood, on my way out of the garage to tell my sister to come and see the bat.

I need a pedicure.

Funny thing of the day:
What I said before going back upstairs with laptop: "Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to limp my way upstairs."

*Notices skin missing from left ankle.* Oh yeah… I hurt myself there too, today. Somehow. Don’t remember details. Wanna know other "funny" things that happened to me? In less than 30 seconds, I tripped over one of the things that supports the bed, twice. And yes, it WAS the exact same one both times.

Let’s see, what else? Oh yeah, my wrist was hurting. Why? I think I’ve beenwriting too much/using the computer too much. And yes, I did just type all that without looking at the keyboard at the speed of light. What do you mean I should stop using the computer for a while? No I shouldn’t! Besides, I can’t.

Writing is more than a hobby. *write the word hobby with disgust* It’s my life, my drug, my air. *twitch* I’m going to go write now.

EDIT: Don’t ask why, but I can read this entry, out loud, in 40.65 seconds. That’s 244 words in 40.65 seconds. Don’t ask.

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