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I saw Sherlock Holmes on Friday night, went to a party on Saturday night (best party I’ve ever gone to, but that’s not saying much because I haven’t gone to many parties), and saw Did You Hear About the Morgans and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs on Sunday.

I finally wrote a little bit yesterday. There’s conflict between Lucifer and Drusilla and seeing as how they’re vampires, their arguments could end with the apartment burning down or something…

I’ve also been editing Kenna’s Choice and I’ve compiled a list of things to change. I don’t know what I’d do without Angela’s help (http://aekubo.livejournal.com), my wonderful critique partner.

My dad found a place for me to do my work experience (which we HAVE to do). My friends in other schools either don’t have to do it at all or they can choose to do it. But what my dad found for me sounds fun.

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Wow. I saw this last Saturday night and my dad, who isn’t the kind to watch a movie more than once, watched it with us for the 4th time. I won’t go into detail for several reasons:

  • I started writing this blog post about a week ago
  • If I haven’t had the time to write about the movie since then, now won’t be the time I do
  • It’s late
  • You should just go watch the movie
  • Seriously, go watch it if you like thrillers


I fail at being a writer. Why? This is why:


18th    Tuesday    0        ✕    250
19th    Wednesday    0        ✕    250
20th    Thursday    0        ✕    250
21st    Friday    0        ✕    250
22nd    Saturday    0        ✕    250
23rd    Sunday    365        ✓    250
24th    Monday    0        ✕    250
25th    Tuesday    0        ✕    250
26th    Wednesday    0        ✕    250
27th    Thursday    129        ✕    250
28th    Friday    0        ✕    250
29th    Saturday    0        ✕    250
30th    Sunday    500        ✓    250
31st    Monday    0        ✕    250


1st    Tuesday    0      ✕    250
2nd    Wednesday    0   ✕     250
3rd    Thursday    0       ✕     250

Total words since I started challenge: 11 096

Words I should have if I wrote 250 words each day: 12 500

Novel’s wordcount: 25 172

My critique partner

So Angela read Kenna’s Choice and she loved it! She told me it was very realistic and other things I’ll reveal to you when I’m done writing the 2nd draft. She also criticized some things, but it’s okay because I completely agree. Now I’ll be doing a chapter-by-chapter outline to make it easier to rewrite and a list of things to change. I might also use the Shrunken Manuscript technique (what, you haven’t heard of it? Go read this: http://www.darcypattison.com/revision/shrunken-manuscript/). And there’s a subplot I want to change.

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Just yesterday, Let The Words Flow’s CPs page went online. Despite being busy with homework, I decided to leave a comment with my info. “Can’t hurt, can it?” I thought to myself. (Sure, I lost 15 minutes writing all my info when I could have been doing homework, but both got done in the end.) By the time I went to bed, I had replied to Angela’s e-mail asking if I wanted to be her critique partner.

That’s less than 8 hours. (I’m lucky and do not take this for granted :).)

Angela is a perfect match: has a busy schedule like me, is multicultural (lived in Japan and America) and is very chatty. AND she can give me hand-to-hand combat advice for the fights in my WIP. This is her blog: http://aekubo.livejournal.com/ which I myself have just started reading. (And I’m finding out we’re quite a bit alike.)

Now, we haven’t started critiquing for each other yet, so I can’t tell you what it’s like, but I will be able to by, hopefully, July/August.

What I can tell you is this: if you have trouble staying focused on your novel, if you don’t have any writer friends, if you need help plotting/brainstorming and if you think you’d be more motivated to write with someone reading your work while you’re writing the 1st draft and giving you advice as well as helping you make your writing better with their, obviously, different point of view, then I highly suggest you leave your information on the CPs page on Let The Words Flow. It can’t hurt, can it?

And if you don’t want a critique partner just yet, that’s fine. I spent one month short of 2 and a half years without a CP. Why did I decide to get one now? Because I’ve become more serious about my writing lately and want to be a dedicated and focused writer by the time I go to university.

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