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Day 7: Friday: I think we stayed in. I wrote 413 words.

Day 8: Saturday: I wrote 0 words. šŸ˜¦ And we stayed in. Again. I don’t mind, and it’s actually partially my fault (I go to bed too late), but my mom’s getting annoyed. Why? Because…

Day 9: Sunday: Today we were supposed to go out. I don’t think that’s gonna happen any more. It’s 1pm.


  • Harriet the Spy: Blogs Wars: Meh.
  • I rewatched The Virgin Suicides.
  • And that’s it. I need to convince my family to watch Clash of the Titans (1981 version) with me.


  • I am reading “My Soul to Save” by Rachel Vincent, even though I should finish reading “Lolita”, “The Sweet Far Thing” and “A Forest of Hands and Teeth” *is an idiot sometimes*.

I have weird dreams

As per usual, I don’t even know where to start. Something about a guy and a girl, then he can’t find the girl and it turns out he imagined her. And he shoots her in the forehead. Then she reappears, has a scar on her forehead from the bullet. She’s now real, I think.

Then there was something with slides and tunnels and water and snakes. Oddly enough, I think I’ve had that dream before.

Then I was in some shopping center and then someone was chasing a friend and me. And the friend decided to carry me on her shoulders. Eventually we lost the guy chasing us and we sat down on a couch to watch TV. In the middle of the shopping center. And we hid under a sheet when he got close to finding us.

See what I mean by weird dreams?

Word count as it is now: 40271

Word count as I want it by tonight: 40 771.

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Now remember, my goal is to write 250 words every single day. Minimum.

Sunday I wrote 102 words.
Monday I wrote 16 words.
So far today I’ve written 16 words. (But it’s only twenty to 4 in the afternoon.)

My goal for today is to write 632 words. *dreams of writing 1k a day* That’d be heaven…

Total for the moment: 31 345/75 000

I have weird dreams

Seriously. I don’t even know where to begin. Okay, actually I do know where to begin, but how on earth do I explain it?

I was in this… balloon. A donut-shaped balloon, where you had to walk to make it turn to reach the different shops in it. That probably makes no sense, but I don’t know how to explain it better. Then there was a naked vampire woman and a bunch of people riding on bikes at night and some other weird things… Very strange.

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