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That quote, my friends, come from my summer in Switzerland in 2008. My friends and I are rather crazy when we’re together. Scary crazy actually.

From Dusk till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money

I’ve been meaning to watch it for weeks now and I’ve got to say: Robert Patrick as Buck, main character, is yummy. Movie contains: gore, action and vampires.

Writing Challenge

  1. Thursday, Holiday: 250-280
  2. Friday, Holiday: 250-280
  3. Saturday, Holiday: 250-280
  4. Sunday, Holiday: 250-280
  5. Back at school, Monday: 300
  6. Tuesday: 761
  7. Wednesday: 333
  8. Thursday: 512
  9. Friday: 301
  10. Saturday: 328
  11. Sunday: 292
  12. Back to school, Monday: 39
  13. Tuesday: 20
  14. Wednesday: 12
  15. Thursday: 573
  16. Friday: 0
  17. Saturday: 898
  18. Sunday: 317
  19. Today, Monday: 108, so far

I know, Friday I failed big time. But look at Saturday! 😀

Playing with Darts

  • I’ve been trying to find a new title and I think I’ve got the perfect one. And no, I’m not telling you.
  • My plot has changed because…
  • A character has surprised me! It’s all good, though. Except now that plot point can’t work and I have to change that thing…
  • I’ve written 26% of my novel!!!!!!


They are trying to kill us! Today, from 8 am to 12 pm, I had a French test. Everyone in my year/level/grade did. Fun. Really we only needed 3 hours, at most. And we could leave at 11 if we were done. Anyway, like my science test on Friday, I failed.

Wednesday I have a history test and Thursday I have a maths test. And Friday? Oh, let’s not even talk about Friday’s homework. That’s how much I have.

Now I’m off to watch Scrubs and devour dinner. *stomach growls*

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Quote from Charmed episode “Chick Flick.”

Yesterday, I wrote 761 words. Today I haven’t written anything. Yet. But I intend to, don’t worry.


I’m the kind of person who remembers her dreams quite often. Some people haven’t remembered a dream in years. (Maybe you don’t know this, but we always dream. We just don’t always remember our dreams.) As I near the end of a holiday, I dream of school in a “I do NOT want to go back” way and I hate it. Basically, they’re nightmares. I wanted to say more about dreaming, but I started writing this an hour ago, so now I’m going to talk about something else.

Creating Characters

Some writers create their characters in great detail before writing a single word of their 1st draft. Some have a vague sketch, name, age, hobbies, a few characteristics. Me? The way I start writing a story is that I get an idea or the beginning or a sentence and I write. Then I write more and more and more. Eventually, maybe only five hundred words later, maybe a thousand, I stop. No idea what to write next. That’s when I develop my characters. I decide what they look like, how old they are, but I don’t fill in a questionnaire or write a biography or interview them. I then keep writing and between 5000 and 10 000 words in I think of what could have happened in the main character’s past.

Mainly though, I don’t “create” the characters. I just write. The characters don’t come fully formed, but their dialogue is different enough from one another right from the start.

Half an hour later: I have done my 250 words. Man, it just gets easier and easier to write. I highly recommend the ___words a day Challenge if you’ve had trouble writing consistently. Start out small, like I did. 250 words is very doable. Also, I started during a holiday, so I had time to get used to it and enough time to write:

  • Thursday 15th: 1st day. Goal achieved (GA) 250 words
  • Friday 16th: GA 255 words
  • Saturday 17th: GA 255 words
  • Sunday 18th: GA 255 words
  • Monday 19th: GA 300 words
  • Tuesday 20th: GA 761 words
  • Wednesday 21st: GA 333 words

I’m actually not certain how many words I wrote from the 15th to the 18th, but notice how the days I had school I wrote more? That’s because it got easier. I was worried going to school would slow me down or I wouldn’t write ANYTHING. Ha! I underestimated myself big time. Maybe next week I’ll be doing the 500 words a day Challenge. (See the right side of this page by the way for the Challenge.)

I recommend starting small though, if you’re young like me or very busy, that way you won’t disappoint yourself, but if you go over the goal you feel good.

Word count: 16 528/75000 = 22%

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I’m still busy plotting and crazy as it may sound to people who know me, I like plotting. It’s really fun once it starts making sense. Right now I’m working on the middle of the novel and I’ve figured out what happens in the first 17 chapters, so I have definitely made some progress.

Also, I have a wonderful character table (that needs to be updated) and a plot table (that also needs to be updated).

Character table contains:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Nationality
  4. Age
  5. Eye color
  6. Hair color
  7. Build
  8. Relationship to Main Character (MC), examples: ally, enemy, friend, acquaintance, sister…
  9. Little detail #1
  10. Little detail #2

The little details are things like fears, scars and whatever makes the character seem more real. I make this table on a spreadsheet on NeoOffice Calc.

Plot table:

  1. Part (beginning, middle, end–this is optional, even I’m not really sticking to it)
  2. Day (when a chapter takes place)
  3. Chapter
  4. Events
  5. Point of View (also optional if you only have 1 POV)

My plot table is not as useful to me as I thought it would be–I’m using Scrivener’s corkboard instead. I highly recommend using Scrivener when writing a novel, but it costs money. A free option is Jer’s Novel Writer, which is much simpler but still pretty good.

Scrivener: http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.html

Jer’s Novel Writer: http://jerssoftwarehut.com/

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Rambling about writing

Okay, so my novel might not truly have a plot, but I still needed to figure out how it would end. So that’s what I did yesterday, and I wrote 954 words and I told myself I’d write the rest of my goal today. Then I tried writing today and realized I couldn’t. Cut to me being frustrated, procrastinating, getting distracted, coming back to Scrivener only to leave it because I can’t figure out how to finish the chapter.

At some point, I realized that I’d made the wrong choice. Chapter 12 shouldn’t have been about a storm. After several hours of outlining and procrastinating, I decided that there will be a storm, but it’ll be later. Chapter 12 is about other stuff.

Now I almost have my ending figured out and need to write 3332 words between now (almost 8 p.m.) and bedtime (around 1 a.m.). I don’t think I can do it, but I’ll try.

And it’s now 8.30 p.m. I left the computer for a while. Dinner and TV. Anyway, I need to figure out the past and secrets of my second antagonist. He needs a reason to be this mean.

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Here’s a book cover I made for fun.

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

Yes, the title is different. I haven’t quite settled on it yet. All my possible titles are:

Learning to Breathe
Kenna’s Choice
Wanting Aura Back
Making the Right Choice
Holding It Together

My new word count:

Plot: there is none because it turns out I’m writing Lit Fic, at least according to this: http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/node/3286143 and this

Yesterday, meaning Sunday (because it’s now quarter to one in the morning Tuesday), I wrote a very powerful/emotional/sad scene and I am so proud of it. See, my character’s older brother, Liam, refused to tell me his past, his secret. Something had happened, and he needed to tell his family what that was.

He couldn’t hide it anymore, but when I got to it, I didn’t know what to write. I struggled with that scene, and proscrastinated, but eventually, it clicked. It made sense. That’s why he didn’t want to talk about it, because it’s so traumatic. I feel all giddy now just thinking how good it felt to find that out. And liberating it felt to write that scene, tears running down my faces.

I kind of… like crying for/with my characters. It means that their emotions are powerful enough for the reader to feel it. Whether or not this is actually true will have to wait until I’ve written the 1st draft and edited at least twice. Then I’ll give it to family and friends and wait.

Even though I don’t really know where it’s going, and I have a feeling I won’t have 50 000 by the 30th, I still love my novel. That’s a good sign though, right?

Anyway, my ultimate goal is 75 000 words by the 25th of December, to celebrate 2 years of writing. I probably didn’t mention this, but I’m 15, turning 16 next March, so I started writing when I was 13.

How I started writing, should that be another post? Yes. Coming soon: my history with stories and books and writing. Maybe tomorrow.

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Long-term goals:

  • Have 50 000 by 30th Nov.
  • Have 75 000 by 7th Dec.
  • Write every day

Short-term goals:

  • Reach 31 000 by the end of tomorrow, Wednesday 11th Nov. It’s doable.
  • Reach 35 000 by end of week. Very doable, might aim for 36 000.

Plot: I’ve finally accepted that my novel isn’t plot-driven. I also read this article about non-genre fiction, and about literary fiction. It made me realize my novel is just about the character’s life, with ups and downs, but it doesn’t follow the traditional plan of beginning, middle, end, with a climax and other important plot points.

See, I’ve been frustrated for the past 6 months trying to PLOT my novel. Now I get why it doesn’t work: my novel simply isn’t plot-driven. It’s character-driven, it’s about emotions, choices, consequences…


Once again, I see him changing in front of my very eyes, and I don’t know what to think anymore, what to feel. It was so much simpler hating him. He did something bad. He became a bad person, the villain of my life, so I hated him.
But those human emotions reaching the surface of his skin and infecting his words… They’re confusing.

Word count: It stands at 29 761. 

Characters: Kenna, my main character, is, to date, my most realistic character. At least I hope so. To me she seems to be well-developed, but maybe she’s flat to others. Who knows? :/ I won’t know until I’ve finished the first draft, edited it (minor corrections, spelling and such only) and handed it to family and friends to read.

My antagonist is not truly an antagonist, because, like I said, my novel isn’t plot-driven, so I don’t really have the typical cast of characters. Also, I think he’s only beginning to come to life.

Problems: I don’t know what to write next. I know the easiest way is questions. Just asking yourself questions about what should happen next? Should A and B argue? Should C die? Should there be a revelation? Should MC’s good mood be changed because of…?

Maybe… Maybe I should have my characters return home from where they are. And then– Yes! Okay, I have a vague idea what to write next. 🙂


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